The Mandalorian: Why Beskar Metal Will Be A Game Changer

The Mandalorian Beskar Metal Explained
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After waiting for so long we finally got to see a live action show which takes place in the Star Wars Universe! And since we’ve already seen the first episode, maybe more than once, you should know that going forward there will be spoilers. The Mandalorian on the Disney Plus streaming service started out strong and there was definitely a lot going on. But there was one small detail we couldn’t help but notice and that has to do with Mando’s trip to the Armorer played by Emily Swallow. Pedro Pascal’s character was willing to go after an off the books bounty for the chance to get some highly-prized beskar steel. What is this mysterious matter and will it come into play later in the show? It could have something to do with the history of the planet Mandalore and it has the potential to shield the wearer in case of a lightsaber attack. If our titular bounty hunter is willing to risk his life for it then it must be of enormous importance! After all, everyone knows you don’t introduce a special pauldron in the beginning for it to never pay off at some point.

Do you think this valuable metal will play an important role in the series as it progresses? Or was it a one and done first episode bit? Take some time to share your predictions with your fellow fans in the comment section and don’t forget to like and subscribe to our channel for more videos from us here at CBR.


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