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This time around, I’m playing a movie-based game, Constantine for the PlayStation 2. I thought the movie was pretty good back in the day, and I remember renting the video game from our local video store when I was about 12 or so. Eventually I bought the game thought I’d give it a whirl.

John Constantine is some sort of badass demon-hunter, but unfortunately, I don’t really fit the bill. That’s partially due to the game’s incredibly dark color pallet and the fact that Mr. Constantine’s bullets just, sort of, go wherever they want to. All in all the game isn’t too bad, but the movie’s definitely better. I’d highly recommend the 2005 film, Constantine, but the game…I’m not sure. It’s fun enough, just not mind-blowing. Hope you enjoy my sleep-deprived antics as Long John Constantine the demon hunter.

Rob Zombie – Superbeast 8-Bit Remix by 8-Bit Sound:

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