The Simpsons – Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN)

The Nerd will be saying more than “D’oh!”, as he takes a look at two terrible NES games based on the hit cartoon series, The Simpsons. This is Angry Video Game Nerd Episode 30.

Everybody loves the Simpsons. Since their debut on FOX back in 1989, the notorious yellow family has become some of the most widely recognizable characters in the world. The show has been running continuously since its release, and with a list of over 500 episodes, has become the longest-running American sitcom ever. Following the enormous success of the television show, the Simpsons have expanded into many other areas of popular culture. The show has inspired board games, apparel, merchandise, theme park rides, a feature length film, and, of course, videogames.

The Simpsons made the jump from television to videogames in 1991 with the release of the Simpsons Arcade Game. The beat-em-up style game was met with mostly positive reception. The game was even rereleased on Play Station Network and Xbox Live Arcade in 2012. After the success of the original arcade game, The Simpsons expanded into a series of other games across multiple platforms. However, not all of the games lived up to the success achieved by the original. In this video the Nerd takes a look at Bart vs. the Space Mutants, and Bart vs. the World, both released in 1991 for the NES.

Plagued with bad controls, nonsensical story lines, and tedious gameplay, these games lacked the charm that fans of the show had come to expect. D’OH!

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