The Terror of Dr. Hichcock (1962) Crackerjack Italian Gothic Horror

LowRez but very watchable fullscreen English language presentation of what is known on this British release as “The Terror of Dr. Hitchcock” from 1962 by Italian director Riccardo Freda starring Euro Horror favorite Barbara Steele, strapping Silvano Tranquilli, and nutty Robert Flemyng as the insane Doctor Hitchcock — Who is anything BUT a boring old fuddy-duddy who just sits around reading the paper on Saturday nights.

Doc heads up the surgical department at the finest hospital in Victorian England, owns a lavish secluded country manor, has a new hot young wife from an arranged marriage who is eager to please, knows how to use anesthesia to liven up Date Night back at the house, and has a very creepy thing for pretty young corpses who are just about room temperature, willing or no.

Pretty far out for 1962 and according to legend the film was made by director Freda on a bet that he could not complete the movie in four or seven or ten days, depending on whose telling you encounter. He did, pocketing the fiver & generating a masterpiece of Gothic atmosphere, filmed entirely in Italy for less money than your basic new automobile costs these days. Very entertaining movie! and in spite of its lurid subject matter is workplace friendly, though the best way to enjoy it is at home, late at night, in the dark.

Upload utilizes a somewhat dark home video era presentation of the film which I transferred to digital myself many years ago with use on mobile devices in mind, shared up here primarily for readers of my blog to enjoy while drinking beer. Purists and Euro Horror scholars should to seek out whichever remastered versions are currently circulating, and the film is believed to be in the public domain for North America in this form.

No infringement intended. For artistic, historic, and educational purposes only. Please do not download this or any of my YouTube videos to distribute for profit either at retail or via private vending. They are shared here courtesy of Google for everyone to enjoy free of cost. Thank you!

I do not own the rights to this movie and understand that the upload may need to be blocked or removed in observance of copyright regulations.


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