The Vampire and the Ballerina (1960) L’amante del vampiro English Subs.flv

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Considered a bit of a rarity, this ‘fandub’ version showed up on YouTube, and I’ve added permanent subtitles. (Italian speakers can find the version without subtitles at this link:

The cinematography by Angelo Baistrocchi is the film’s only real strength; well, that and a bevy of remarkably attractive dancers (if not exactly ballerinas). Oh, and the relationship between the two vampires is interesting: she’s the lady of the house and he’s her servant, but their roles as creatures of the night tend to reverse their positions of power.

Director Renato Polselli filmed the similar (but weaker) Il mostro dell’opera (1964). Walter Brandi starred in numerous continental vampire flicks from this period, including the popular The Slaughter of the Vampires aka Curse of the Blood Ghouls (1964) and The Playgirls and the Vampire (1960). Continental horror is a curious sub-cult, but I must admit I fell victim to its charms long ago, and there’s no saving me now!