The Vampire Happening – Schlocky Horror Picture Show full episode

Yes kids, Its another blast from the aghast with another full length episode created by Meeee from bits I found in the scrap bins at THE SCHLOCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW. a TVS community access TV show in Sydney, hosted by the Skeletal genius NIGEL HONEYBONE. In this episode we have his marvellous version of …The Vampire Happening, a sexy horror comedy. It’s also very much a period piece, which is a polite way to say it hasn’t aged very well. The director of tonight’s debacle, Freddie Francis, was photographer on such films as The Innocents, Evil Of Frankenstein and Doctor Terror’s House Of Horrors, and went on to wide acclaim as David Lynch’s favourite cinematographer on The Elephant Man, Dune and many more. So get your best hippy gear on and drag out the bean-bag as we party on at the love-in known as The Vampire Happening! BYO lava lamps.