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When I first heard about the Fallout 76 Wastelanders DLC, I was pumped that Bethesda was bringing human NPC’s back. Let’s be honest, they should have launched the game like that. With that being said, I figured the best thing to do was jump back into Fallout 76 with a new character and a fresh perspective.

This time around, I’ve created Jedidiah Durgan, the Redneck Menace of the Appalachian Wasteland. My goal was to have a character with a different play style than my previous straight-laced level-74 main character. I wanted him to be a stereotypical West Virginia Redneck with a bad attitude and familiar white trash vices. This good ol boy is going to be more susceptible to mutations, alcohol and chem addiction, hunting, etc. My goal is for Jedidiah to not be a fun person to be around.

With that said, I created Jedidiah to my preferred specifications and threw him into the wastes of the West Virginian wasteland. It also gave me a chance to play the Wastelanders DLC with the intent of choosing wacky dialogue options. Honestly, I had a lot of fun playing as Jedidiah, and may bring him back on the channel or in a future live stream, if I choose to do so. The original recording was six hours long, by the way. Hope you folks enjoy!

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00:41 Character Creation
01:19 Exploring and leaving Vault 76
01:51 Wayward Souls Quest Begins
03:20 Fighting Scorched
03:42 Arriving at The Wayward and Meeting Duchess
06:12 Hunter For Hire Quest Begins – Building the Sign
06:29 Fighting Scorched
06:48 Dialogue options with Random NPC’s [Hunter For Hire Quest]
07:51 Fighting Raiders
08:42 Talking to Duchess and Mort at The Wayward
09:16 Talking to NPC’s at Anchor Farm [Hunter for Hire Quest]
10:37 Fighting Ghouls and Scorched
11:05 Talking to Leibowitz [Hunter for Hire Optional Task]
12:36 Arriving at the Bandit Camp
12:56 Talking with Roper about his gang and The Wayward
13:58 Returning to Duchess at The Wayward
14:26 Fighting Scorched and Raiders
14:59 Entering Gauley Mine [Strength in Numbers Quest]
15:31 Talking with Sol [Strength in Numbers]
16:17 Saving Polly and Fighting Scorched in Gauley Mine
17:11 Returning Polly to Duchess at The Wayward
18:06 Going to Summersville and fighting Raiders
18:24 Talking to Skinner at Duncan & Duncan
19:23 Returning to Polly at The Wayward
19:47 Beginning Quest, The Elusive Crane
19:53 “Meeting” Crane (and making a mistake…)
21:35 Finding Crane’s Treasure [The Elusive Crane Quest]
21:57 Roper and the bandits holding the Wayward Hostage – Dialogue
22:24 Bandit shootout at The Wayward [The Elusive Crane]
23:42 Going to meet The Overseer [The New Arrivals Quest]

Fallout Shelter – Bethesda Softworks [2015]
Fallout 76 OST by Inon Zur [2018]
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“Yankee Doodle” by Toni Giménez ►
“Adam Lee Marcus – Ring of Fire (Banjo Cover) // The George Jones Sessions” by Country Rebel ►
“Dueling Banjos” by Eric Weissberg and Steve Mandell ►
Country Roads 8-Bit Remake by 8-bit music man ►

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