The WORST South Park Game Ever [N64] – PunkMunkying Around

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The first ever South Park game was released in 1998 for PC, PlayStation, and Nintendo 64 by Acclaim. While the idea sounded great on paper, the game, itself, is terrible. The controls suck; it’s repetitive; and it lost the majority of the show’s charm. However, I remember wanting to play this game as a kid. I used to sneak downstairs to watch South Park when it was on TV, because my mom wouldn’t let me, and then talk about the latest episode with my friends at school.

I was never able to play Acclaim’s South Park…Until now…and it sucks pretty hard. In this video, my brother and I take a stab at South Park on the N64, and wipe out waves and waves of turkeys for some reason.

——-Time Codes and Gameplay Breakdown——
00:26 Single Player Start – Jacob Playing
02:35 Single Player – Dalton Playing
04:27 Multiplayer – Cartman Vs Kenny
06:53 Restarting Single Player – Dalton Playing
07:59 Single Player – Jacob Playing
09:55 Single Player – Level 2

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