Top 20 Happy Meal Toys That Are Now Worth Serious Money

Mcdonalds Happy Meal Toys can now be worth some SERIOUS money! Some of them can be worth hundreds of dollars on their own! Make sure to check which toy you get next time you go to Mcdonalds!
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Happy Meal toys can be really valuable now. Here are the Top 20 McDonalds Toys That Are Now Worth Serious Money! Furbies – Big eyes. Super fluffy fur. Furbies were everywhere in the late 1990s. Diener Keshi – Back in the late 1970s, Diener were a company that made plastic and rubber toys. Nickelodeon Game Gadgets – In 1992, the kids TV channel Nickelodeon was massively popular, with shows like Rugrats and Doug. Dinosaur talking books – In 1989 McDonalds Happy Meals contained books of dinosaur stories, also included was the same story recorded on to cassette tape. Berenstain Bears books – After the success of the dinosaur books in 1989, McDonalds tied up with the frequently mispronounced Berenstain Bears for another series of books in 1990. Snoopy 50th anniversary – Charles Schulz, from Santa Rosa in California, first drew his most famous canine creation in 1950 . Space Rescue – Another popular set of Happy Meal toys was McDonalds Space Rescue, from 1995. You got a space slate you could write on, a mechanical grabber, an astro-viewer and a telecommunicator. Camp McDonaldland – In 1990, McDonalds Happy Meals contained actual working camping gear. This is the Camp McDonaldland range. 101 Dalmatians – Usually the number of toys that makes up a Happy Meal is 4 or 8, but in 1996, to celebrate the release of Disney’s 101 Dalmatians movie, they gave us, well, 101. Seaworld Plushes

Back in 1988, when Seaworld was somewhere you could go without feeling guilty, McDonalds gave away these Seaworld plush toys with their Happy Meals. My Little Pony bookmarks – McDonalds always likes to capitalise on the toy crazes of the time, so in 1985 they were all in on My Little Pony. Potato Head kids – Even before Toy Story, Mr Potato head was a firm favorite with children. The M Squad – It’s time to join the M Squad. Super Mario – Nintendo’s Super Mario games were the hit of the 1980s, so it’s no surprise McDonalds partnered up with the Italian plumber to tempt young gamers through their doors. McNugget Buddies – Meet the McNugget buddies, a set of 6 little characters that blur the line between food and toy, and were given away in Happy Meals in 1992. Transformers. Sometimes McDonalds really got it right. Space Jam plushes – Remember Space Jam, when basketball megastar Michael Jordan teamed up with cartoon characters like Bugs Bunny to save the world, or something? Hot Wheels – Super-fast Hot Wheels cars have been popular for decades, and McDonalds has teamed up with Hot Wheels over 25 times for Happy Meal giveaways. Madame Alexander dolls – Madame Alexander dolls were a huge hit with girls in the states back in the early 2000s. Beanie Babies – Beanie Babies, probably the most collectable toys in the world. Collecting these furry friends is an obsession for Beanie fanatics across the world. So, when McDonalds gave away mini Beanies with their burgers in 1997, everyone wanted a piece of the action. Many of them aren’t worth much, but the super rare ones definitely are. A McDonalds edition Roary The Lion goes for around 700 dollars these days. If you have one of those, well, you’ve won the McDonalds lottery.