Unboxing an Amazing Vintage Action Figure Pick Up – Episode 1: With The Toy Scavenger

Hi everyone! Thanks for veiwing! The other day I got a phone call and arranged a local pick up for some random preloved toys, all vintage, all not wanted anymore, so I was happy to take them off their hands for a fair price. Here is a quick video so you can see them. did you have any of these as a kid??? do you still have them??? leave a comment! and remember to Subscribe.

Also quick Appoligies for the sound, my Microphone broke while filming this and some other videos, and seemed a shame to just scrap the films. New Mic on the way!

Thanks for Viewing guys, Remember to SUBSCRIBE, Leave a COMMENT & LIKE to show your support if you haven’t already and together we can continue on our Toy Scavenging journey, its much appreciated. TTS

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