Waxwork (1988) – Monster Madness 2019

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Welcome to Monster Madness 2019!! Kieran and James review Waxwork from 1988. It’s an American horror comedy film written and directed by Anthony Hickox and stars Zach Galligan. It is partially inspired by the silent movie Waxworks. An evil magician creates a wax display of famous monsters and murderers and invites a group of unsuspecting young college students to view the collection. However, when the kids are trapped in the deadly displays, one-by-one they soon discover that the wax models are more than they appear to be.

Monster Madness 2019 Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbQ-gSLYQEc5k0FKrs8Bq9ml5evqejPzT

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