West Virginians Play Fallout 76 | PunkMunkying Around

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As both a West Virginian and long-time Fallout fan, I was extremely excited for Fallout 76. I wanted to record the early hours of my first playthrough, especially with my neighbors, Justin and Zack. The thought of exploring our home base of Beckley, West Virginia and fighting off ghouls, super mutants, and any other wasteland beasts definitely fueled my hype for the game.

I pre-loaded the B.E.T.A. and set up my recording equipment for the first night of gameplay. However, the audio didn’t record properly, so this video picks up where I left off that first night. This is a pretty light-hearted romp through the wastes of Appalachia. We encounter some formidable enemies like glowing ghouls and wendigos. However, the highlight of the video is probably when the three of us engage in PVP with some younger players and teach them a lesson in ass-whooping.

I also know that Fallout 76 is getting a lot of negative press, but this video is just my friends and I having some fun. I enjoy the game quite a bit, but I’d love to discuss your opinions and criticisms in the comments. Thanks for watching.

——-Time Codes and Gameplay Breakdown——
00:58 Gameplay Begins – Defending Beckley Mine Exhibit
01:56 Zack Joins the Team
02:54 Justin and I fight a Glowing Ghoul
03:32 Fighting a Wendigo
04:33 Event: Battle Bot
05:38 Trouble with Ghouls
06:23 Fighting Mole Miners
07:49 Zack and I take on waves of Scorched in Morgantown
08:48 PVP: Fighting Annoying Kids
11:25 Papa John’s Controversy Discussion
12:14 Fighting Glowing Ghoul in Beckley
12:45 PVP: Kids are Back

——-Audio Credits——
Soundtrack to Fallout Shelter: https://goo.gl/W7kZKz
Fallout 4 Main Theme: https://goo.gl/yQ8z2r

Country Roads 8-Bit Remake by 8-bit music man:

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