What GRAND THEFT AUTO 6 Should Be – My Humble Opinion

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After spending time in Miami, I had the best idea for what Rockstar should do with Grand Theft Auto 6. In this video, I basically outline how setting the game in both modern-day and 1980’s Vice City would make the game absolutely amazing. Allowing the characters to jump between time periods and complete missions at their own pace would, in my opinion, increase the emersion of the game and make it another outstanding title in the franchise. I talk about everything from vehicles to character dynamics in this video. I hope you guys enjoy it. Let me know what you think Rockstar should do for the next Grand Theft Auto!

——-Grand Theft Auto 6 Topic Breakdown——
How my trip to Miami inspired my GTA 6 Idea: 0:31
News of a new Rockstar’s game developments: 1:26
Discussion of GTA 6’s setting/location: 1:38
A brief backstory of GTA V’s development: 2:24
GTA 6 should be set in both the 1980’s and present day: 3:11
The characters/protagonists of GTA 6: 3:24
Character development in GTA 6: 4:26
Storytelling in GTA 6 – alternating time periods: 6:15
Recreating Vice City in the 1980’s and modern day: 7:17
The vehicles of GTA 6: 7:51
The Radio Stations of GTA 6: 8:15
Reintroducing old Grand Theft Auto characters: 8:57
Summary: 9:46

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